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It's Been Awhile. I Have News

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TEDxUNLV - April 2016

I stopped sending my (still daily) blog posts by email at the end of April. I've been making some new things happen. I'm excited about them. And I'm writing today to share them with you.

First, some updates about Dre Baldwin. Just so you know: I am no longer playing professional basketball. If you've followed my content even casually for the last year, I think you already know this. But some people still ask me, so now it's clear.

My last "big" game was a 3x3 tournament hosted and sponsored by Finish Line (the sneaker store/website) in August of 2015. It was in New York (the games were actually played at a park in North Jersey). Some of your favorite YouTubers were involved.

I, along with my guys Redz and Jay Jameson, won the $10,000 championship with an 11-0 title game score. I wasn't filming but some other competitors were. I doubt that 11-0 game made it into any of their highlight reels. Haha.

As for The Basketball Tournament, the big 5x5 event with a now $2 Million grand prize: I am not playing nor putting a team in this year. TBT comes to my hometown of Philadelphia this upcoming weekend.

This same weekend, I will be speaking at an event called Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. I'll be talking Social Media on two panels. I will do some live streaming from Vegas. And of course, I'l be Snapping a healthy amount. You've been warned.

Regardless of schedule, I won't be playing in anymore TBTs or any hoops competitions. If I do get involved, I'll enter Team WOYG in and be GM for the club. Professional-level basketball is a full time commitment that I have moved on from. I will be running the MIAMI Marathon, though, in January 2017.

So, what have I been doing since last summer? Again, if you follow my live streams or other social media, you may have some idea. I'll tell you anyway.

I'm a Professional Speaker, Coach (not basketball) and Consultant. These are titles that I've added to my resume. I'm still an Author, Podcaster, Content Monster, Basketball Expert, Program Creator and Toastmaster.

As for the "new" titles, you already knew I was into speaking from the TED Talks I've been doing. And I've been a virtual coach to many of you over the years. I specialize in the same things you hear and read me talk about all the time. I don't box myself into any one category of coaching; if I can help you, I help you! I also coach business professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, and others who want my professional help. I'm not a "life coach," though I know some really good ones. In consulting, I work with businesses when it comes to leadership, team building, also their content, branding and media.

So, why did I stop sending my blog posts by email? I mean, I was still writing them and all.

Well, a couple of reasons.

<[>1. I want to send email based on the email “appetite” of my audience. Those who read my posts daily should have a daily way of receiving them: You can subscribe to my RSS feed. What I’ll be doing now is sending a weekly digest email with all the new posts from the week. That will begin later this summer.

2. I've opened Work On Your Game University, a school I've been plugging since last Fall in my live streams. WOYGU will have all of my online programs, webinars, downloads... Anything from me that will make you smarter, better, more efficient, etc. It will all be on WOYGU (except for the blog post-type stuff).

You can even get The Mental Handbook for free right now (just take care of the shipping), as a matter of fact.

3. I have redesigned my website! opened in 2007 after starting as a blog in May 2005 (not even called "DreAllDay" back then). Think of it like a rapper's debut album. The site has gone through many iterations over the years. I decided that my site needed a cleaner, brighter look. It needed to be easier to navigate. It needed to have less going on upon first sight (or at least make it easy for you to understand what's going on).

A new site needed to emphasize what I do business-wise, in building Dre Baldwin the brand, and Work On Your Game Inc. as a company.

After 6 weeks of working in the background, it's now live.

You'll notice that I now emphasize my "platform" businesses (speaking, authoring, coaching etc) more. BUT, I am still here to serve my basketball-centric audience too. All the Help content and stuff about my career are still there. And I'm always adding to that Help page, which to date is the most popular page on my website by far.

I've updated my FAQ with answers to the questions I get most. And I've even added a Tools page. That page details equipment I use on and off the court, recording and editing stuff, even food links.

I still blog every day. And I have some new toys on this new site, called mini-posts. Mini-posts are not full blog entries, but have stuff that I want to share with you. An upcoming speaking engagement, for example. Or one of my favorite YouTube videos. A favorite quote of mine. Or someone else's tweet that I really like. With the options I have with my new site, I'll actually post even more now. And this section will be beefed up as time goes. So bookmark it for lots of cool stuff.

You can see that the Work On Your Game Podcast has its own page now too. Episodes are easier to peruse and listen to this way. Though, if you know what I know, you'll subscribe [iTunes | SoundCloud | Stitcher] and listen to every episode. Be smart.

As for questions, emails and the rest. I get more questions and requests for time, tips and advice than ever before. And I still reply to a good amount. I've made a Want My Help? page that addresses every advice seeker and even lists levels of help you can get from me (and how). If you ask me questions that I have addressed somewhere, that page will help you in locating my answer.

Oh Yes - the courses. Bulletproof Mindset, People Skills and Get The Girl are being expanded by as much as 50%. You will love the personal changes you undergo from taking each. And more courses are on the way.

If you're already enrolled in a course, these course enhancements are free to you. For everyone: The value you receive from these courses are 1,000% more than what you pay. Wisdom and time are more valuable than money. And with the added... Listen, just head over to and see for yourself what we have going on. If you don't see all the courses there yet (as of 7/11/16, only BPM is there), they're coming. We are working 'round the clock.

I think that's it for now. My 3rd TED Talk addressed the fallacy of "Too Much Confidence" and was given at UNLV this past April. The video has not yet been released. You'll see it soon. Just bookmark the Videos page of in the meantime.

Questions, comments, concerns, praise, criticisms? Reply to this email. If it's good, I'll respond.


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