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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/It Has To Go Somewhere -- Why Not To You?
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It Has To Go Somewhere -- Why Not To You?

There's abundance aplenty in the world. Money, power, influence, food, love, whatever you're looking for and what ever would make you happy.

And the universe hates voids -- having something and nowhere for it to go. So, the universe finds a place for all of this abundance. If you don't have as much of any of the aforementioned that you want, you just need to position yourself to get it. The way you think, the way you carry yourself, the stuff you talk about -- all need to send a signal that abundance needs to be coming your way.

The universe is simply a matcher: Whatever energy you're putting out there through thoughts/words/actions, the universe will match it and send you correlating people/ideas/rewards. And remember that these can be positive or negative -- they will match you exactly.

The universe is impartial as to who gets it. Why not you?

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