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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/"Isn't That Dangerous?": If You're Scared, Stay At Home
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"Isn't That Dangerous?": If You're Scared, Stay At Home

How many things in life are truly dangerous?
Driving while impaired. Playing with matches. Taking too many controlled substances. Danger is something that could possibly kill or seriously damage your person. Everything else is secondary and not that dangerous.

Now, there are things that are dumb. Sticking your hands in an unfamiliar dog's face is dumb since it may bite you, but you'll live. Messing with the neighborhood bully, depending on who you are, could be dumb. But the worst you'll get is probably a bloody nose -- you'll live. There are other things along those lines that I could list, but you get the point.

A lot for he stuff we look at as "danger" really is our fear talking -- yelling -- to us. Conversations we avoid. Risks that we could easily recover from, that we refuse to take. Ideas we defeat ourselves from ever executing.

Fear is not a living, breathing thing. Fear is a feeling, a thought. You can't purchase fear at the mall or on the Internet. You can't see it or sell it. Our minds create it and allow it to exist, just as we do for Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Just as easily as we dismiss those myths, we can destroy the fear that puts a huge yellow DANGER sign in front of the very thing we wish we could do, the things that would get us out of our rut, the thing that would wake us up in life, the thing that would make everything better if we just did it. BUT... that danger sign is stopping us. The image of fear that our mind has created.

The most dangerous thing you can do is allow the DANGER sign in your mind to defeat you. I'm sure you've had a situation in life when you didn't have a choice but to face the thing that you perceived as dangerous, and realized that it wasn't dangerous at all. Confronting a person. Asking for a date. Saying "no" when you'd been saying "yes" for so long to something you really didn't want. Those instances of courage knocked down the danger signs. The signs may be big a bright, but they're, as one of my old coaches used to say, light in the ass. One good shove and they fall easily. But you have to walk right up to them to do that.

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