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Work On Your Game Content/Dre Baldwin/Isn't It Time You Stopped Wasting Time And Dealing With Negative, Entitled People?
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Isn't It Time You Stopped Wasting Time And Dealing With Negative, Entitled People?

I helped out for some time at a 501(c)(3) organization in South Florida in 2014. 

The man running the organization reached out to me about two years ago and inquired about me coming to speak to his group. His organization even had the money now, he said, to pay for my time — not a full fee, but something. 

Sure, I said. 

The guy said he’d send me his schedule and we could figure out a date that worked. 

I hadn’t heard from him since then. 

Fine. Not the first nor the last time someone teased buying goods from me and didn’t follow through. Just normal stuff that happens when dealing with humans. 

In early Spring of 2020, that same organization started sending emails. Boring, here’s-what-we’re-doing stuff with updates about members, programs, etc. In other words, the kind of emails that people unsubscribe from en masse. 

I’m no exception. I unsubscribed when I got the second such email. 

The head guy emailed me the next morning. 

“Unsubscribed? Wow.” 

They must have a very small email list for him to have even noticed that. 


I haven’t talked to that guy, but my theory is his reaction is all in how he met me: I gave freely of my time to the point that he grew to expect it. 

And, he’s running a non-profit: they operate on donations. 

What that has to do with me dutifully accepting their emails cluttering my inbox, I don’t know. 

Smsiring the Q&A section of a livestream a week or two ago, someone asked me why it seemed his family members didn’t respect his entrepreneurial aspirations. 

I told home something I once heard a person say: the way you walk in the room, is the same way you walk out of the room. 

Your family, I told him, remembers you as the snot nosed kid who used to piss in the bed and get put on punishment. It’s hard for them to shake that vision of you and accept you as an adult who runs a business and has control over your bowels. 

From the Bible: “A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.”

Some people can accept the change. Some cannot. It’s just human nature. 

It’s all material. 

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