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Isn't It Time You Stopped Losing and Being Ignored?

People like to follow winners.

A “winner” need not be a person; there doesn’t even have to be a competition.

A hot news story is a winner.

A trending topic is a winner.

The thing that everyone else is doing, reading, watching or listening to? Winner.

When you’re the winner, everyone is focused on you — at least for as long as your moment lasts.

When your moment ends, everyone moves on to the next winner of the moment.

No ones watching you now.

Maybe a few — 5% — will stick around when you’re not the hot shit of the day anymore (hint: if and when this happens, these are the people you should focus your attention on, always— they will attract the rest of the crowd).

Perhaps some of the fleeing 95% will point out that you’ve lost the attention of the crowd.

When you win again, that same 95% will be right back there, front and center, giving you their full attention as if they’d never left.

It happened with Tiger Woods.

Michael Jordan experienced it when he came back from baseball and lost.

50 Cent explained it succinctly. “If I get shot today, my phone will stop ringing AGAIN!”

It’s not personal. It’s business.

Win again, and they’ll be right back at your feet.

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