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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Is You Enough? Who's The Difference Maker In Your Group?
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Is You Enough? Who's The Difference Maker In Your Group?

I was playing in this recreational basketball league once and the league had the semifinals and the championship game on the same day. We had to win the first, of course, to make it to the final. Missing one of our top scorers, we won our semifinal game. In between games as I sat in my car, I called the missing player and asked him if he could make it to the gym for the final. He had had a prior engagement, and said it didn't look good for him to make it there; we'd have to go at it without him. For a second I was disappointed that we would have to play at less than full strength. But then a better thought hit me: I'M playing. I'M here. THAT'S enough for us to win this title. I got my mind right, right there in the parking lot, reminded that the critical factor to us winning was not the missing guy -- the factor was me.

You know what they say: A team of sheep led by a lion can defeat a team of lions led by a sheep.

Is having you on the team enough to make your team a threat to complete and win? Or are you just a complimentary piece, only useful when added to the proper main ingredient? Is your presence the factor that swings things from a tough battle to a comfortable victory? Does you walking in the room change the vibe of the entire room? Or do you blend into the wallpaper?

These are not judgement questions -- you're not right or wrong for answering either way and we all have our places in life. The questions are posed for you to ask yourself and to see if you really know who you are and what effect you're having on the groups you're apart of. Are you the catalyst that makes things happen or a role player? Do you vacillate between the two depending on the day of the week, your energy level and which side of the bed you got up on? Where are you most comfortable? What position has led to your best performances? What position do you feel your team most appreciates you in? Where does your destiny lie?
And yes, we won the championship. Me? MVP.

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