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🤔 Is There Money In Writing Books? 📚


1) Your focus needs to be on SELLING books, not writing them.


2) It depends on HOW MUCH money we’re talking about.


3) You must know HOW to create that money.

Does that answer your question?

Let’s get into this.

If you’re an entrepreneur and are writing a book, your focus must be on the REVENUE your book generates, not on the art of writing the best book.

Here’s the truth: The writing of your book needs to be “good enough” to get its point across to your readers. Readers who will take the “next steps” with you and your business, which translates to them spending more money with you.

This is the 80/20 Principle. 80% is good enough.

The time spent polishing up the last 20% of writing quality doesn't translate to dollars, so you don't need it.

AND… you need to have more to offer than just books.

$130,000 per year puts you in the 90th percentile of American income earners.

Selling a $15 book, you’d need to sell 25 books per day, and that’s before merchant fees, taxes, advertising spend, and Amazon’s 30-60% cut off the top. So, make that 35-40 copies per day.

If you instead had a $25,000 coaching program or mastermind, you need only 6 sales ALL YEAR of that offer to be a top 10% earner.

Which leads right into my next point.

How much money do you want? What do you want your business to generate each month / year?

I’m not talking about needs, like paying your bills and buying groceries. If it’s just about meeting your needs, keep your job. I’m talking about WANTS, like vacations, gifts, kid college funds, grown-up toys (cars, watches, clothes). We start businesses because there are things we WANT. As long as you provide equal or more value to your buyers, you’re entitled to those wants.

What you offer in addition to your book, to whom, and for how much are all determined by your WANTS, the DESIRES of your audience, and how to make these elements MATCH in a way that makes sense – effort-wise, offer-wise, and money-wise.

Which leads to the last point. How to make all of this happen.

This is (part of) what we do in Work On Your Game University.

We start with the mindset that as a business owner, your focus is on revenue.
Then we strategize on how to make all the pieces fit.
Next, we systematize what works so it can be repeated.
Then we make sure everything works how it’s supposed to, consistently.

Each of these steps has sub-elements that make the main thing happen. Which is why you’ll get my personal help with implementation.

The big picture is, you can make money via anything.

It just depends on your focus, how much money, and how you'll do it.

Stop spinning your wheels trying to do this alone and have me help you here:

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