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Internet Famous

Kewan Platt is the division 3 basketball player who became internet famous for delivering a flying elbow delivered to the face of an opponent.

It seems Platt was annoyed by a no-call on the other end of the floor just before the elbow was delivered.
Maybe it was more than that.
Perhaps the victim had been trash talking Platt all game long and Platt saw his chance to deliver retribution.
Maybe Kewan is just a hothead who knows only one way to communicate his frustrations.
Maybe he was just having a bad day.
Maybe this is just one isolated moment of bad decision making.

Maybe Platt will one day speak on the incident (in something other than a lawyer-authored prepared statement) and explain why he did what he did (he has).

Regardless, he’s gonna need to do something to wrest back control of the Google results of his name.

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