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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Intentional Flying: Stepping Your Game Up Must Be Intentional
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Intentional Flying: Stepping Your Game Up Must Be Intentional

Seth Godin wrote a great post on supermodels a while ago that makes a very important point.
When you make the leap from average or good to the Superstar or Premium level, it's never an accident.
Anyone who becomes a top-level star without trying has to either grow into their position -- quickly -- or fall back down to where their mind feels comfortable. You can't demand a premium until/unless you're 100% sure you deserve it.

When some famous person says that becoming a top-level star was "not something [they] envisioned even in their wildest dreams," there may be some truth to that: they may not have thought of that position from the beginning. But once there, they have no choice but to become it, and own it.

There are many cool, shady places to be good at and live comfortably. The heat of the The Stage is simply too hot to be there by accident. You have to know exactly what you're doing.

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