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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Indecent Exposure: People's #1 Fear is Your Opportunity
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Indecent Exposure: People's #1 Fear is Your Opportunity

I was sitting in the Fort Lauderdale Airport today (not the day you're reading this) doing a live Periscope stream. Someone in the live stream audience asked me how I came to be confident enough to do a live stream with all those people around me watching and listening.
Great question.
The answer is, I'm confident in doing it because I'm excited to do it, and I'll tell you why that is.
Most people don't have the gall to sit at an airport gate and do a live video stream, speaking loudly and clearly to their smart phone screen. So when they see someone doing it (me), people are quietly admiring that person. I would never have the nerve/confidence/talking topics to do that, I'm impressed. I know this to be true, as 4 people came up to me after I ended the stream complimenting me on my speaking skills and asking about the professional background that I'd shared on the live stream.
What does all of this mean? It means your opportunity is in the fear people have. In doing stuff that the average person thinks, that would be fun, but I could NEVER do it myself.
Seek out thoughts, beliefs and actions that fit this description and do them. There will be zero competition.

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