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If We All Did What We Already Know…

Sometimes when people ask me for advice -- actually about 65% of the time -- they either

A. Preface their question by telling me all the stuff they already know, as a way to preclude me from offering that information as answer

B. Reply to my response by telling me they already know whatever it is I told them.

I believe you. 100%.

The Seller’s Mindset: Create Attention, Exposure and Money – When You Want It

I know you know.

I know you've seen my video/ watched my podcast / read my blog post on the topic. I know you've read the well-known books and followed other experts on the subject.People talk about the stuff they know as if it’s a credibility piece to go on their resumes. We don't get paid for what we know: we get paid for what we produce.

Problem: We know more than we can possibly do.

Solution: Figure out what you know that actually matters for what you want to do (pre-solution step: know what you want to do).

Compromise: A lot of what you know doesn't matter, because you will never have the time or space to apply it. Consider it information waste product, the knowledge version of what we empty into toilets every day.

That's life.

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