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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/I Woke Up "Late" Today...
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I Woke Up "Late" Today...

I woke up today (not the day your reading this) at about 10AM and my first thought was that I was behind in the day. See, I'm an early riser (usually) and like the feeling that I'm getting my day started ahead of when most people get their day started (and in Miami, I may have still been early at 10AM on a Sunday). I like rising before the sun is up, and most days, I do.
But today, I didn't. But I won't fall behind today. Actually, I'll get ahead.
And that's due to one reason: I'm super-efficient in my efforts, which means I don't need as much time to get things done. I can get done in 3 hours what would take other people an entire day, week, or se them not get it done at all. There are specific reasons for this.
I don't spend my work time thinking about how to do the work. That is handled before I get to the work space. This applies to basketball training, writing, videos, podcasting, courses... everything. It is all planned ahead.
I have a high level of energy. Why? I drink a ton of water, always start my day with exercise, and mentally charge myself daily before I do anything.
I schedule my days out before they begin, which leaves no need to figure out what to do. No to-do lists. Calendars only.
Efficiency is the word. Learn it. Use it. Start my 8-week People Skills course now.

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