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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/I WANT To Be “Wrong” 😑😁❌✅
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I WANT To Be “Wrong” 😑😁❌✅

X (formerly known as Twitter) is the only social platform where I look at and comment on other people's stuff.

Generally, I only jump into discussions when I have some form of pushback, whether a comment or question about what’s been posted. Not necessarily a complete disagreement; sometimes just a unique perspective on why or how something happened.

The topics vary. Sports, race, politics, business, and some social topics.

Naturally, this going-against-the-grain style generates its own pushback from the masses, who tend to agree with the accepted wisdoms.

Some examples:

👉 America is racist and has never been good for blacks.
👉 Entrepreneurs are greedy and only care about themselves.
👉 Gender exists on a spectrum and the male / female binary is outdated.
👉 It makes no sense that there are billionaires while others are poor and destitute.

I offer a logical, objective challenge, keeping my focus on the point itself and not the person who made it (most of the time).

About once per week, something I say triggers a lot of reaction — mostly from the masses, who disagree with my alternative point of view.

Sometimes, one of the sheep says some form of: “Dre, look at everyone disagreeing with you! That’s proof that you’re wrong!”

Two problems with this.

1: Opinions aren’t right or wrong.

2: Being in alignment with the majority is often indicative of the opposite of what people think it means.

Remember this: People agree with you quietly and in private.

People disagree with you loudly and in public.

The disagreement part is especially true when the dissenters have crowd support (ie, others who also visibly disagree). Sheep are flock animals; they’re more confident together than alone.

This is a positive outcome for me.

Here’s why.

By definition, most people are average and below-average. In thinking, income, courage, success, health, ambition… name a category. Look around in your environment.

You don’t want to have too much in common with most people, on most subjects, most of the time.

And… Most people, average as they are, don’t think like this.

They think the opposite: Having common beliefs with the crowd is the right place to be. “The right side of history,” as some like to say regarding current events (a meaningless statement that reeks of moral arrogance).

It happens on X/Twitter all the time.

I offer an opinion that many disagree with.

The pushback is loud and public.
The agreement is quiet and private.

There’s always a dissenter or two who verbalizes what we can see. “Look at all these people disagreeing with you! That’s proof that you’re wrong! LOL!”

No. That’s (possible) proof that you’re a sheep.
I may indeed be wrong. But I doubt it 😉.

We’re usually discussing opinions, so there’s no “right” or “wrong.” If you think sharing an opinion with the masses of people = correctness, history would like a word with you.

Here’s one problem with this line of reasoning, also known as the Bandwagon Fallacy: If your thinking is the same as everyone else’s thinking, what do we need YOU for?

What do you bring to the table that we don’t already have?
When you show up, what do we now have that we didn’t have before?

If you disappeared, what would be missing?

If you find yourself in agreement with most people on most things, you should panic. Because most people are doing nothing and going nowhere.

Social media is a platform for the masses. It’s where average people go to waste time and look at other people’s lives, having their most precious resource (time) siphoned and monetized by the “free” platforms.

So when the mass of average people disagree with me? Good.

The point here is not to disagree just for the sake of disagreement.
It’s that if you think like most people on most topics, you’re headed in the wrong direction.

For one, you become a commodity; interchangeable and easily replaceable.

If you’re an entrepreneur, being a commodity is business suicide.

If your market sees you as one-of-many, and that they can pick amongst you or any of the other 50 who are seemingly just like you, you’re in what we call a “race to the bottom.”

In that race, you have no choice but to compete on price. Because there’s nothing else that’s unique about you.

You don’t want to win this race.

Ideally, you want to play a “game of one.”

Where people want YOU and YOUR business, your offering, to the exclusion of (or even better, not even considering) everything else.

Now your price is elastic (read: It can EXPAND).
You can choose your clients, members and customers instead of them choosing you.
You have power and control.

Being “wrong” is the right place to be.

Join me in Work On Your Game University so you can be so wrong that there’s only ONE of you – which means you get to have things how you want them in your business and your life. This means you can start living how you want to, instead of how you have to.

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