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I Still Have Ego Problems

I put the car in park. I wasn’t moving to let him get around, and we would sit there for as long as it took. I didn’t have to do that, and at the same time, I had to do that. Maybe you understand.
Traffic in Miami is always crazy during Basel week.
Art Basel is a big arts festival that comes to Miami every December. When I first moved here I didn’t understand why I should care; I don’t paint, sculpt or draw. But then I saw the females, food trucks and how “everyone” was there.
Now Basel is a tradition for me. Mostly because of the art, ironically.
Last night we were driving into Wynwood on a side street that was crowded due to Basel. I know the streets well and how to find parking when it’s packed. Some guy tried going around a double parked car, and now our cars are facing each other in a single lane. My lane. He beeped. I didn’t move. He lowered his window and motioned for me to back up so he could get by. I didn’t move.
Finally the double parked car moved and the other guy went around, in his proper lane. I expected that he’d be looking out his window at me when we passed each other. I was ready for him. We exchanged looks - no words - and moved on. I felt like I’d won a small victory.

I’m a Work in progress.
The Mental Workbook: The Daily Program To Transform From Who You Are Into Who You Need To Be

Same night. When parking, some guy comes out of a building making noise about how they own the parking spot and I couldn’t park there. I asked him how he was so sure, as there were no signs that said “No Parking” or Private Property etc. He said his very saying it, was the sign.
At that point, egos were involved. I parked there. Another victory. It was night time, and when I got out and saw the faded yellow paint on the curb, I moved the car.
Anna says she gets nervous when stuff like that happens. I get a little bit excited.
I’m a Work in progress.

Walking in Wynwood, I saw a street vendor who had his drawings laid out on the sidewalk for display / sale. I reminded Anna of an exchange I’d had with a guy like that. She remembered.

Same area, maybe 2 years ago. I was Snapchatting about something unrelated while walking past this guy’s stuff. Guy walks up to me in a semi-hostile fashion. Says I can’t have my phone out while walking past his stuff. Guess he thinks people will take photos and then not buy his work. Dumb logic but whatever. I wasn’t even noticing his stuff anyways. We exchanged words. My ego tells me I should’ve hit the guy. I’m glad I didn’t. Wynwood always has heavy police presence.

I don’t know if it was the same guy I saw last night. But when I reminded Anna about it, I told her that, had I noticed him sooner, I would’ve walked past him with my phone out just out of pure spite (we were already past his display when I pointed him out last night).
I’m a Work in progress. Good thing is I’m aware of it.

After saying that to Anna, I told her that I still have these impulses that I’m working to cure myself of. I used to be much worse, where those same situations could have turned bad. She agreed that I do have them. She added that she’s glad I’m better now than I was before we met.
I’m a Work in progress.

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