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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/"I'm Comfortable With The Status Quo" ... And Other Things Losers Say
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"I'm Comfortable With The Status Quo" ... And Other Things Losers Say

I was talking with a guy about a month ago about how he could make some basic changes and improve things for himself both business wise and personally. He was somewhat resistant to the conversation, then finally offered this gem:
"Dre, "I'm really just comfortable with the status quo." 
Does that make him a loser? Yes.
Yeah, I know change is hard for people; often we are resistant to it. Sometimes we just want to entrench ourselves in our current station in life and stay there, where its comfortable and safe and familiar.
"I'm good with how things are." 
"I'm not really happy with where I am now... I don't know what I'm going to do about it." (Then they don't want to talk about it.)
"I'm alright with not being completely fulfilled; if things stay who they are I'm good with that." 
These are things I've actually had people say to me in 2015. Are these people that In know, love and respect? Yes. Are they losers? Yes, at least in the moment of saying this and thinking and acting on the statement. Yes they are.
The world is, literally, always moving. If you're not moving with it -- trying hard to hold onto what you have so you can stay where you're at -- you're literally losing.
And losing is for losers.

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