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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/I'm A Career Thief. And Proud Of It.
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I'm A Career Thief. And Proud Of It.

I'm a thief. Always have been.
When I worked at McDonald's, I ate nuggets and fries while on the clock and didn't enter them in the computers as Employee Meals -- which is technically stealing. Did the same at Pizza Hut. And Friendly's. And Rita's Water Ice. And CVS (I forgot to put on deodorant at home, so I used one that was on the shelves and put it back. You'll find that either every funny or really disgusting. I promise I was clean when I did it).
I stole a pack of basketball cards from Eckerd once by accident (really!). I had already bought a pack, and went back to point out to my friends which one I had bought. Then I put that pack I was using to show them into my bag thinking it was the one I'd bought, and got home to realize I had 2 packs now.
Only time I stole by accident. The rest were and have all been very much intentional.
Today, I don't steal stuff. I steal ideas. I'm a kleptomaniac.
Ideas are under Creative Commons licenses -- basically that means they're free to be used by whomever learns about them (this is all assuming you don't have a patent or protected copyright, of course). You can come up with your own ideas -- I do this at least 10x a day as a habit -- but yours may not be very good and you might not have time to come up with all the good ones alone.
So steal them from other people. See what people are doing that:
Is working for them
Is interesting to you
Solves a problem you've been facing
You can and want to benefit from in some way
And use it! It's out there for you. So even if you're not that great at producing ideas, you still have them in great supply.

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