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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/"I Just Need Someone To Believe In Me."
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"I Just Need Someone To Believe In Me."

Many aspiring people come to me these days. Athletes, entrepreneurs, brand owners. They all seem to be missing that one element that will tip the scales and blow everything up for them: that one person to believe in them to make everything happen.

You are that one person.

Yes, I know you can't sign yourself to a professional basketball team. You can't contract yourself as a client. There's only so much of your own product that you can buy and consume. I get all of that.

The thing is this: Your own level of belief informs others as to how much they should believe in you and what you're doing. Have you ever known someone who had great skills, a fantastic product, or tried-and-proven business model but still could not achieve results? In those cases there is only one missing element.

When you believe, anything is possible. Anything is possible when you believe.

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