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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/I Had Someone’s Tesla Towed 🚘🅿️
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I Had Someone’s Tesla Towed 🚘🅿️

Someone was in our parking spot.

Our reserved parking spot. The one we pay extra to have.

This was not OK.

I went to the garage, and saw a white Tesla in my spot. This mofo was so comfortable to even back his car into my spot.

I went and got my car, and parked it right in front of the Tesla, perpendicularly, so if the driver came back, they couldn’t get out. I wanted to know who did this — and I wanted them to know whose spot they were in.

Then I called the front desk and explained the issue. The concierge told me she’d call the towing company and have it handled.


Then she called right back.

“I just spoke with my supervisor, and I was told that I’m not authorized to get that Tesla towed. I don’t have access to the parking database — only management does — and since it’s Sunday, management is not here.”

She then told me that I could personally call the towing company, and that she had done all she was allowed to do.


I called the towing company.

It took them 90 minutes (on a 30-minute quoted arrival), but they did come. The Tesla was removed.


Cool story. Here are the key points.

1) I didn’t NEED to get that Tesla towed.

We have a large parking garage with plenty of space. I could’ve parked elsewhere, waited until Monday, and let management contact the driver to clear things up amicably.

I didn’t want to.

I have a strong aversion to anyone taking anything from me. My spot is MY spot, and anyone in it will be removed — forcibly, if necessary.

Call it ego, if you wish. Don’t park in my fucking spot.

2) Waiting for the tow truck kept me up 90 minutes later than I wanted to be up.

And it was worth every minute.

Paraphrasing Dan Kennedy, when things get in your way — personally or professionally — and you don’t find them completely, utterly unacceptable, you won’t muster enough energy to do anything about it. Then, it’s only a matter of time before more stuff conspires to get in your way.

3) You need a POS.

“Personal Operating System.”

There’s my parking space, of course.

When I’m actively paying for something, it / they needs to work properly. Management in my building knows me well for this reason.

Early is on time, on time is late, and late is forgotten.

Don't invite me on your podcast – then cancel the day before the interview. Just say “no” from the beginning.

Skill errors can happen. Mental errors cannot happen.

Those are just a few. I’ll share more about that at a later date.

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