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Work On Your Game Content/Daily Game/“I Don’t Want To Bother People…” [Daily Game]
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“I Don’t Want To Bother People…” [Daily Game]

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers, and businesses in general, have the same problem: Lack of sales.

Some deal with it by cutting back on expenditures and making detailed budgets. But spending usually isn’t the issue — if the business just made more money via more sales, problem solved!

I talk to entrepreneurs and freelancers all the time who have this sales problem, which is always a symptom of a deeper issue: Lack of sales skill or sales knowledge or sales activity. Which leads to sales reluctance, or the entrepreneur never trying to sell her stuff. Which would probably be a problem.

Here are some of the challenges with this issue that I hear most often.

I don’t want to feel like I’m a salesperson, just trying to move my products on people. I’d rather they come to me. 
I don’t like charging so little for my offerings. But, I don’t think I can charge twice as much because I don’t have (a certain level of experience, a storefront, some useless certification). 
I want more customers/clients, but I don’t want to make calls or cold-approach/cold call people. I might be interrupting them at work or while they’re with their families or relaxing. 

I address all of this is The Seller’s Mindset. I want to address this last issue in today’s message.

I, like you and everyone else in the world, would love and prefer that opportunity just came to us and offered their money/time/help/anything else for us to simply choose from.

I wish my girlfriend had just run up to me and started groping me in public without me having to sell her on the idea of Dre. I wish the events I do keynote speeches at had just called me out of the blue, announcing that they’d heard of me and just knew I had to be their speaker, and how much would they have to pay me, as cost was not an issue in the slightest. I wish there had been 20 agents and 30 professional clubs all in a bidding war to sign me when I finished college to help me start my basketball career.

None of that happened that way.

The results happened, yes — but only because I went and made the sales. No co-signs. No recommendations. No word of mouth. Straight, cold, sales.

For Your Game
Making things happen requires that you disturb the status quo — of other people, places and things. If you don’t disturb their current state of not knowing or buying from you, how can you ever make a sale? They’re not going to come beating down your door — so you go beat down their doors.
Not everyone is gonna buy from you. Some won’t even want to hear about what you’re selling. Some will listen and say no. Some will tell you how your offering is not worth what you’re asking for it. So what?! Do you believe in yourself and your product enough to drop it and move onto the next conversation? You’d better.
If you want to be “A Boss” and get your way in life — if you want to live how you’ve always envisioned yourself living, in every way — you MUST become more of a salesperson. The stuff you want in life is not going to just come to you. You have to go out to it, get it’s attention, and persuade it — whatever it is — to be on your team or buy your stuff or do what you need done or simply agree with your point of view. To get what you want, you must sell, and sell hard.

What sale do you need to make in your life that you’ve been hesitant to get started on? Reply and let me know about it. 


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