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Work On Your Game Content/Business and Entrepreneurship/I Don’t Want “Everyone” In My Audience
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I Don’t Want “Everyone” In My Audience

Since I started sending these Daily Game emails, I’ve gotta a lot of unsubscribes from my email list. If you’ve ever subscribed to someone’s emails and you weren’t actually reading them — and they were/are sending often — you would get off their list just to save the sanity of your inbox. I do the same thing myself as a reader.

The unsubscribes are a good thing.

One reason: Some email management software charges by the number of emails sent or the number of email addresses you have. If someone is not interested in what I’m sharing, I’d rather they unsub then stay and not read my messages. It literally costs money to have disengaged people on an email list. I’ll even delete these people myself at times.

The other reasons are below.

For Your Game

In Business, whether you’re hosting a podcast, writing a book or opening a restaurant, you need to know specifically who your audience is. You don’t want or need everyone in your audience. Any business coach will tell you: if you audience is “everyone,” your audience is no one. My business, from sports to all the stuff I do now, is built on the foundation of daily discipline. That’s why my past YouTube basketball videos, my podcast and these emails are daily. Anyone who’s not into that — I’m not for you. The Mirror Of Motivation and 30 Days To Discipline will help you build that discipline.

A group doesn’t become a group until the group makes clear who’s not invited and who should not attend. This can be said explicitly (“don’t come if…”) or implicitly (“this is for…”). Once it’s made known, the people who are in the group know they’re part of something exclusive that not everyone is into. And human beings like to be apart of something.
It’s much easier to make stuff — articles, courses, videos — when you know exactly whom you’re talking to. It’s very hard to speak to “everybody” at the same time.

Do you know who the audience is for your product or service or skill? Even better, do you know who it’s not for? Reply and let me know. 


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