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I Did Not Join Your Email List. Stop Spamming Me

I don't know you. Have never heard of you. Damn sure didn't sign up for your list. Why are you emailing me?

I know, I know: you are invested in email marketing. You want to build your list. Some speaker at some conference told you it's the best way to convert sales. Your favorite online expert posted a video on Facebook about how his list went from 0 to 200,000 in one weekend, and you want to catch up.

But you're doing it wrong, Mr. Real Estate Agent and Ms. Personal Branding Expert.

[shareable cite="@DreAllDay"]Just because we are connected on LinkedIn does not mean I consent to receiving your emails.[/shareable]

Just because we are connected on LinkedIn does not mean I consent to receiving your emails. I do not want to know about the new condos on the market. If you need to spam people to get attention your consulting offers, miss, you are not a personal branding expert. Stop disrespecting the title and my inbox.

People must JOIN your email list. They then must confirm willingness to join via an email they receive from your email client. Do not email marketing material to people who did not voluntarily join your list. It is spam and it is illegal. Do not manually add anyone to your list.

If you want to build your list, it can be done - the right way. Here's how:

Make yourself more valuable in the marketplace. Ideas: Read books, attend seminars, join a mastermind group, hire a coach.
The clients you generate and help as a result will be your source material for value to share with others via content - videos, blogs, etc.
Create that content.
Start delivering this value to people. Do it so much that people start looking for ways to get more from you.
Offer people a way to get more via email; i.e. subscribe to my updates or get my free ebook.
People must still choose to receive this value.
Deliver on the value expected. Forever.

There you have it. This process is 100% guaranteed to work.

Now stop sending me your s*** emails.

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