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I Am Not A Damn Motivational Speaker

People ask me what I do for a living. Once (if) we get past the basketball part, I mention that I'm a speaker.
What do you speak about? What kind of speaker?
Mental toughness, confidence, discipline...
Oh, ok! So you're like a motivational speaker?
I usually concede this point for sake of continuing the conversation. But I'm not actually a "motivational speaker" in the way most people think.
Technically, anyone who gets on a stage or in front of a camera a talks is a motivational speaker. Your goal is to motivate people to do or think something differently, right? When you talk to your kids, you're a motivational speaker. When you tell your Twitter followers to buy your book, you're a motivational speaker. We use language to influence others. Fear, happiness, anger - all motivators to action.

So I do motivate people, and very well, I might add. But before you do, you must be.

"@DreAllDay"]What I actually am is a life-changer.

I share content (ideas, stories, information, etc) that changes people's lives. I've been doing so since my first blog post in 2005. Motivational Speaker is so boxy, boring and cliche. I'm none of those. I wouldn't ask a motivational speaker what he does; I already know. Would you ask a life-changer how he does it? Me too.

I am not a fiery orator. I'd rather make you laugh with humor, or deliver insight that gives you chills or makes you cry, than scream and yell at you. That works for some people, not for me.

Watch some motivational speakers, and you couldn't tell if you were in a church or a business conference. With me, you can tell.

I do more than motivate and inspire. I'll give you actionable, write-this-down-and-do-it instruction that will make you money, save you time, and build your business - Today. I describe this as functional. So maybe I can start calling myself a Functional Speaker. I'll try it out for a few days.

So this is a start to clearing up what kind of speaker I am and what I speak about. My Speaking page has more. If you're not listening to the (daily!) Work On Your Game Podcast, let's change that today.

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