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How To Survive The Cold Of Winter

I'm from Philadelphia, but I live in Miami. When people ask me why I moved, I cite the weather: Tropical climate, warm all year round, humidity - all stuff I love. No snow or coats, and every day can be spent outside.
Outside of business, if I visit Philly, it's usually in the summer.
But I took a trip to Philly in last week and experienced winter again for a day and a half.
The first day was actually Miami-ish. It was 63 degrees and the Philly people seemed happy. Everyone was outside, walking dogs, jogging, window shopping.  This was the type of day that, growing up, everyone would come to the outdoor basketball courts at Finley and play pickup ball. Northerners take full advantage of these random nice days in winter.
Philadelphia welcomed a Miami resident back warmly. But it didn't last long.
The news predicted a snowstorm the next day, which would leave 4-8” of snow in its wake. All schools and many businesses announced closures for the next day as a preemptive measure. And though the snow didn't quite deliver - we got about 2-3” - it was damn COLD that day.
And windy. The cold itself is bearable; the wind is what makes you move a step-and-a-half quicker to get inside.
The next day was cold too, but it didn't bother me as much for two reasons.
I was getting somewhat used to the cold
I knew my flight back to Miami was that afternoon.
But, what if I was staying in Philly, or any other cold weather locate, for a month? What if the temperature was in the single digits and the snowstorms over-delivered? What if I lived in a cold-weather place? How would I deal with it then?
And what about the cold periods of life - slow sales, no one responding to your work, empty job interviews, lack of support when you most need it? How does one handle those seasons (which always come, by the way)?

Here are the 3 ways you develop that Mental Toughness.
1) When you know winter is coming, bundle up ahead of time. My lady went on a deep search for winter wear - coats and hats - in Miami before the trip. That stuff is harder to find in South Florida than you'd think. But we knew it wouldn't be 80 degrees up there, so we prepared in advance.
When you know the winter weather awaits, don't get caught outside shirtless with thong sandals on. Get your layers ready!
If you run a business and you know from experience there's a slow sales period coming, make your push while the money is still flowing, so you don't die of customer starvation when things dry up.
If you're an athlete who's growing up like I did, not always having an indoor court to use, maximize and make the most of your court time when you can. This way you're not feeling as if you left opportunity on the table.

2) Store your food before the storm, so you won't have to bear the cold when it hits. Do you know the story of the ant and grasshopper? The grasshopper was enjoying a beautiful summer day by the pool when he saw his friend the ant, who was hard at work.
The grasshopper asked the ant why he was working so hard on such a nice day. The ant replied he was gathering food for the winter, knowing food would be hard to find in the cold and snow. The grasshopper would have none of it. He told his friend the ant that he was working too hard and needed to come enjoy the sun! Working all time makes one lame!
Come winter time, though, the grasshopper was struggling. Having relaxed all summer, he quickly ran out of food and was on the verge of starvation when he knocked on his friend's door as a last resort. The gracious ant provided the grasshopper food and a warm place to stay for the winter.
Don't be the grasshopper. You may not have such charitable friends to call on when the winter hits. Do the work required of you to make sure you can survive the season. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]Do the work required of you to make sure you can survive the season.[/shareable]

3) Know it'll soon be either summer time or jacuzzi time. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know I love the jacuzzi. The whole time I was dealing with that Philly cold, I would remind myself: I'll be in the jacuzzi soon. If you live in the cold weather, you have hot showers, baths, and the heat controls in your home and car.
Seasons end eventually, and every situation you're going through gives way to new circumstances. You won't be in the cold forever. Just like the spring and summer end, winter will melt away. You just need to stay mentally tough enough to manage it. Follow these steps and be prepared, mentally and physically.

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