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How To Stand Out In A Crowded Field? Become The Source

There are a lot of people talking about or doing or specializing in the same thing you are. you want attention, which leads to clients, customers, and everything else. How do you do it?
I'll make this simple, in 5 simple steps:
Gather (write down) everything you know about your area of expertise. Who What When Where Why How. You'll come up with more the more you write
Share it online in blog, audio and video formats. Podcasting and YouTube/Facebook are free to post as much as you want.
This is not bullshit throw-away content. Publish your best stuff for free. Why?
This -- if you are actually an expert -- makes you The Source of information, the one everyone will look to when they need anything regarding ___________.
Now that you're the source, people will want more: Coaching, Books, Mentoring, Speeches, Consulting, etc. There's your money.

How to begin:
Identify what you're an expert in. If "nothing," get god at something, preferably something you're already doing and enjoy. Read up on and listen to content on the subject to accelerate our learning.
Follow the steps above.
You're welcome.

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