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How To Separate Yourself From "Them" 🔋

Every Third Day is a potential Separation Day.

Every time you show up and deliver on The Third Day, you create a small gap between yourself and anyone who doesn't show up. That gap is so small though, as to be unnoticeable.

When I was a teen, practicing basketball alone “for nothing,” other kids who didn't practice were still better than me despite the extra time I’d put in. If you didn't see me at the park, you wouldn’t know that I’d been practicing at all. Based on my results up to age 17, I might as well have been hanging out at the mall with everyone else.

But remember the Third Day disclaimer from Part 1: You don’t get an award for showing up, and they’re not punished for not showing up.

The discipline was in stringing together Third Days, combined with their no-show Third Days.

On those days, I was catching up to players who were ahead of me, and later separating myself from them as my skills surpassed theirs.

This happens on every Third Day, turning the Third Day, which is personal to you, into a Separation Day, which is the comparative distance between you and others.

When you’re the lower-skilled person, like I was, the Separation Day starts out as Catch-Up Day. Once you catch up, it’s a Separation Day.

The Separation Day comes with a bonus prize.

You might think that, as you catch and surpass people with The Third Day, those people will notice, get motivated and plug into The Third Day themselves.


The people who you catch up to and surpass allowed that to happen specifically because they are not conditioned to show up on The Third Day. As you catch and pass them, they won't suddenly find the motivation to start working harder.

The competition is over, unless you get lazy and let them catch you from behind. As long as you stick with your Third Day mentality, you’re onto bigger and better things.

… From my book The Third Day: The Decision That Separates The Pros From The Amateurs.

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