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Work On Your Game Content/mental toughness/How To See Negative People For Who They Are So You Can Avoid Wasting Energy On Idiots...
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How To See Negative People For Who They Are So You Can Avoid Wasting Energy On Idiots...

If you’re publishing online, you’ll receive your fair share of negative feedback. 
Trolls. Haters. Bum-ass people talking shit about you for whatever reason. 
If you didn’t know better, you may be apt to take this personally, as if the commentator was actually talking about and attacking YOU. 
“Well, they are, Dre — look at the comments / @replies!” 
I get what you’re thinking. Logically, it seems that the negativity IS about you. Allow me to propose that it’s not, at all, about you. 
When you’re doing something that’s not in any way harming anyone else, maybe even trying to HELP people, but find yourself on the receiving end of negativity, that negative person isn’t seeing you. 
They’re seeing a mirror. 
It’s a warped mirror, though: you (or your message) are a reflection of who and what that negative person could / should / would have been. 
Upon seeing this truth, the troll has to reconcile the difference between Actual Them and Could-Have-Been Them. 

Closing the gap between the two, offers two options. 

1) Do the hard work required to step their game up 
2) Talk down on you (The Could-Have-Been Them) in such a way that the troll no longer sees Actual Them as lesser-than. 
Without this tactic, the troll couldn’t sleep at night. You, the target of the vitriol, is mere collateral damage. 
Don’t take it personally. They don’t even see you.  
I wrote The Mirror Of Motivation so you can toughen your mind against the constant challenges of life — and so you can avoid wasting time on the negativity of losers. 

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