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Work On Your Game Content/: Personal Growth/How To Effortlessly Raise Your Price and Get The Money You Deserve So Yuo Can Stop Undervaluing Yourself...
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How To Effortlessly Raise Your Price and Get The Money You Deserve So Yuo Can Stop Undervaluing Yourself...

I once gave a speech for which I was compensated $500.

A year or two later, I gave a speech to a different audience for which I charged 20X that amount, and the client paid with no qualms.

The difference between the speeches: None.

It was literally the EXACT SAME SPEECH.

So… what caused the fee difference?



The different perceptions each client had of me…

Which were rooted in the perceptions that I had of me at the times I’d accepted each gig.

I saw myself as a $500 speaker (maybe less) for the first one — so when I saw the $500 offer, I jumped at the opportunity.

Over the next year-plus, I got my weight up.

Which meant:

1) I got more experience. Using the same principles I used in sports: get in the door any way possible, then prove yourself and move up level by level. At every new opportunity, I proved myself worthy.

2) I learned that there were other $500 speakers out there who weren’t shit compared to me — which meant that either those speakers should be making less, or I should be charging more.

I chose the latter.

3) I started saying NO to $500 offers. Which often meant not speaking at all, since a $500 client is usually not hiding $9,500 in a desk drawer and hoping to get over on you.

4) I changed my posture, i.e., my mindset and speech (read: conversational temperament) changed to, “if you want to book me, you pay me. Fuck your ‘exposure.’”

You may be surprised at how much a simple attitude adjustment changes who and what comes your way in life.

The first two points are rather logical. The last two are not.

While they do still seem simple — because they are — they’re not easy.

Why: Most people have unconscious fears of scarcity that lead them to accept anything and everything from life, even stuff they don’t want and will eventually grow to resent, rather than letting bad “offers” walk on by.

The combination of the above changed things.

Some of this is fully under your control. Some of it is luck and timing, which you can’t always control.

But it’s all part of the game.

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