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How To Effortlessly Have A Clear Focus And Never Fail To Produce...

When I played basketball, I had a “90 Day Rule.” 
Before any season, tryout or exposure event, I settled into a routine beforehand. 
Training at the same time every day. Consistent sleep schedule. Recovery done the same way every time. 
Done correctly for 90 days, I always felt ready for what was ahead of me. 
Any time that 90 days for interrupted or not adhered to, for whatever reason, my performance suffered. 
When you see a professional athlete, one who’s recovering from injury, taking their time coming back to playing in the games, it’s a Verizon of my 90 Day Rule: the athlete (or the people around that athlete — trainers, coaches, agents) wants to get their mind and body back into routine before facing the rigors of live confrontation. 
It works. 


I moved residences two months ago. 
Today was the FIRST day since that move in which I did my entire normal daily routine — in other words, the first time I’ve been able to work the whole day through — with no interruptions. 
No going to stores. No meetings or long conversations with anyone. No tending to anyone else’s agenda. 
This— these kind of days —is the breeding ground for writing 25 books and creating 15,000 pieces of content. 
Those are the elements that lead to everything else (sales, clients, appearance requests, etc). 
These kinds of days are my Zone. My comfort zone. My performance zone. 
It’s what I would do if you gave me an entire day to do what ever I wanted to do with. 
Knowing this, this zone is is my compass. 
When I’m traveling, I’m thinking about how soon I’ll get back to my zone upon return.
I’m ok with being out of my zone for a day, as long as I knew in advance that it’d be happening. When it gets interrupted by (preventable) unforeseen circumstances, I’m not so happy. 
Every routine needs to be broken every now and then, for sure. Humans need variety. 
But, consistency of routine, persisted with over an extended time period, produces the kind of results that do not come from randomness. 
It was true for me in basketball, and is still true in business. 

Have you seen the same thing in your life/career? If so, what’s your zone? If on the other hand, randomness and variety suits you better, why? Reply and let me know — I read all responses. 

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