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Work On Your Game Content/: Personal Growth/How To Easily Be More Comfortable Being You -- And Stop Feeling Like An Outcast...
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How To Easily Be More Comfortable Being You -- And Stop Feeling Like An Outcast...

People sometimes ask me what I do for fun.

I work.

Well, I do what most people call “work,” but to me is fun.

Writing. Recording. Broadcasting. Building. Advancing.

It’s all part of my work, is key to my business, and also fun & enjoyable. I don’t dread going to work. I look forward to it.

I don’t watch movies or TV, but if I do, I’m looking for an angle I can take from the show to use at work.

From what I see and hear, this isn’t most people’s relationship with work.

Thus, I’ve been criticized for it. I was once (well, maybe more than once) told that I / my life is “boring” because I fill my free time with work.

… Sorry?

I don’t know if I’m supposed to apologize for that. Actually I do know — I’m not supposed to.


Once in college, I started a casual conversation with a female student I knew on AOL Instant Messenger (only some of my readers even know what that is).

She asked me how I was doing and I answered, “Amazing.”

She said there was something weird about me.

This girl was a couple years younger than me in school. She’d never heard anyone who looked like me use such verbiage for one, and, with me knowing where she was from, she wasn’t used to such positive energy.

So I was the weirdo. Ha.

I wonder where that female is now. Hopefully not in the same place she came from (mentally or physically).


Maybe you have found yourself being a bit… different from most of the people around you.

You spend your time differently.

You don’t need the distractions and diversions from life that others seem to cling to.

You have energy that other people couldn’t ever understand.

You see things differently and have “radical” opinions.

You know about these differences. Maybe you’ve embraced them and live with them out in the open.

Maybe, though, you keep them quiet.

Perhaps you’ve been criticized or ridiculed for your differences so much to scare you into being more “normal.”

Maybe you’ve been working on “changing” yourself to better fit in with everyone else.

Know this: there’s a space for you in this world.

It could be amongst the people who have identified those same differences in themselves — and instead of hiding those differences, decided to see if there were others out there who felt the same way.

Maybe it’ll be a space that doesn’t exist today but will — because you created it for you and for others whose differences mirror yours — and you can be the leader, the magnet, for them.

Whatever that space is, there will be one for you — YOU, as you are. Don’t try to fit where you already know you don’t belong.

My book The Mirror Of Motivation will help you look in the mirror and see yourself for who you truly are — and light a new spark for you today.

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