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How To Communicate Effectively With Racists...

This article is not about racism. But it could be. 

I’m using racism because it’s something that most racists would never admit to, and also something that most people agree is wrong. 

You could also use being anti-(insert religion). 

Or White Supremacist. 

Or bigot. 

None of these is a crime. 

It’s fully legal to be intolerant, racist, or an anti-Semite. 

I’m not saying that it’s right. I’m saying that people have the right to be that way if they choose to. 

Attacking, “canceling” or haranguing them to change probably won’t work — I’m sure you’ve seen people try. Maybe you’ve been one of them. 

When someone has a stance that conflicts with yours, even a stance that you cannot rationally understand anyone having, they have a right to it. 

Being offended by it, attacking that person, or putting together your most articulate argument for shutting them up will probably result in the following — 

1) Those who already agree with you will continue to agree. 

2) Those who you seek to persuade will not hear you. 

3) Time — your most valuable asset — has passed. 

The next time you want to change someone — STOP. 

You’ll fail. 

Only 2% of people want to change. 

0% of people want to be changed. 

To have an influence on anyone, anywhere at any time, your first step is the following mindset — 

“We see things differently — AND THAT'S OK.”

There is no other starting point that produces results. 

No human in history has ever changed after being convicted of the crime of wrongness — especially when they disagree with the charges. 

People can be influenced — but only when they open their mind to what you’re offering. People’s minds open when they feel accepted as they are. 

Cause a person to feel that they’re not accepted, and their mental doors lock.  

Decide that a certain person is wrong because of their (legal) POV, and your mental doors lock. 

What do you need to make yourself more open to? Reply and let me know — I read all responses. 

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