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How To Charge What You're Worth With This Big Shift In Money Math...

This is an excerpt of an email from a guy named Dana Derricks. I’ve read several of Dana’s books on business, book publishing and selling (if you’re interested in any of the above, you should look him up):

--- [Enter Dana] ---

What if you think of it this way instead.  You want to make a Million dollars. Would it be easier to find a 1000 people to give you 1000 dollars or to go find 100 people who are willing to spend 10,000 dollars on me?  

The math is just math. 

It still adds up to a Million dollars.

OR, would it be easier to find 20 people who are willing to spend 50,000 dollars?  

What do you think is easier? 

The good news is the buying process and all of the objections, rationalizations, and justifications that people go through are the same whether they spend $10 or they’re spending $50,000.  It’s all the same. 

The selling process does not change regardless of the price. 

It does not change. 

Humans are still humans.

--- [Exit Dana] ---


That’s all it is. 

Your beliefs around money and price are just a story. 

The story you tell yourself, and the story your prospects tell themselves. 

When stories conflict, the stronger story wins. 

When the stories align, the game is easy. 

I have these MasterClasses on money and price --

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