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How To Be Recognized For Your Work So You Can Avoid That Constant Lack Of Self-Esteem...

I once heard a woman explain that the entertainment industry was a bandwagon industry.
Meaning, that if you’re a nobody, as soon as one person who's somebody recognizes and co-signs you, everyone else will be running to catch up and hop on the bandwagon.

Nobody wants to be the one idiot who missed the Next Big Thing (being you).

Which means, as you build your career and your profile (it can be any industry, not just entertainment), understand: you don’t need a bunch of people to think that you’re good. You don’t need “the group” to approve of you.

You only need one person who’s somebody, one person who’s in the know, to recognize you and stamp you as good.

Then, your association with that person will make you desired by the next person and the next.

Notice that I haven’t said anything at all about the quality of your work. Because, in the bandwagon-hopping world we inhabit, the quality of your work doesn’t really matter (at least not when it comes to getting some initial attention).

It helps to be good; you’ll last longer and your work will stand up to scrutiny when it’s built on a foundation of actual substance. But, to be stamped as useful / worthy / someone to watch and to have your feet in the door, it’s not about quality at all.
It’s about winning over one person, who will win over a bunch of other people for you.
This is you when you meet and impress that one key person, and everything changes thereafter.
Or, it can be the trust fund kid who, because they were born into the right family, has an “in” that they didn’t earn. This person risks being later exposed as talentless — but not before they enjoyed their moment of exposure.

There’s another important thing about getting this one “somebody” to see the (potential) greatness in you: it changes the way you see yourself.
You know your stuff, but you’re so close to it — thinking about it and saying it and writing about it all the time — that you may begin to value it less, especially when no one else is recognizing its value, either.
But, when that one somebody recognizes what you have and sees the value of it, your view of you changes.

And in this life of surface observations and snap judgements, your self-judgement (from which everyone else draws their judgement) is more valuable than substance.
Don’t hate the game. Play the game.

Who’d be the best person or entity for you to be co-signed by? What would it do for you? Reply and let me know — I read all responses.

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