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How To Always Be Better Than The Average So You Can Avoid Losing Your Drive...

Coming from a sports background, we're trained and even required to be driven by more than just money. 
Think about it: when an athlete signs a contract, it’s a great feeling. But that’s not the conclusion of our work. 
It’s the beginning of the work. 
Now that you’re signed, you have to earn playing time in training camp, and maintain your spot by showing up to practice every day. 
Then, you have to outplay opponents in the games. 
Then, your team has to win for you to keep your job and get the pay from that contract you signed. 
Any athlete who looks at payday as the finish line, won’t be around for long. 
With this background, it’s interesting to me when I see marketing folks tout their earnings to an audience. 
Quite different from athletes, many marketers treat their paydays as finish lines: proof of how good they are, which is why you should sign up for their new 12-week course. 
You never hear an athlete, when touting themselves, telling you about how much money they got paid playing their sport. 
What does an athlete say to sell themselves? 
The success of the team. 
How many years they competed. 
Performance metrics. 
Getting paid in the process — that’s a given. 
Athletes don’t need to talk about the money. After the “bag” is secured, now you have to deliver: go and prove that you’re worth it. 
Having been a professional athlete and now being in the marketing space, my mindset hasn’t changed. The money is a given byproduct of proving that I’m worth the investment. 
Making money itself isn’t a good enough “win,” anyway: every marketer with a product to sell can make a buck. 
Every player in the NFL gets a deposit every two weeks. The competition starts AFTER everyone gets paid. 
Who, out of all these people who are making money, is the best? It’s cool that everyone is making money, but we still need to identify a winner. 
In sports, “everyone” can’t win. That’s a foreign language. 
How do you separate yourself from the rest? 
Sports have scoreboards that we can refer to identify the winners. Business has money, of course, but not everyone is playing on the same field or with the same equipment. 
So in business, what makes you different from every other player, since “better” is subjective when there’s no one unifying scoreboard? 
This is how I, as a marketer who was raised in sports, think. 
Making money is great, but we need more than that. 
My book Work On Your Game will help you to apply the pro athlete mindset to your business and life, so you can stop being unmotivated and feeling like you’re drifting through life. 
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