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How The Experts Remain Calm And Avoid Overreacting To Fools...

Someone wrote me an email that used my own words against me.
Well, actually, they mischaracterized what I’d said so much as to have it backwards — this person argued that I’d said the exact opposite of what I’d said.
They clearly hadn’t read / listened when they’d consumed what they were referring to.
I began composing a brief, to-the-point reply. Who passes up a chance to teach a stupid person a lesson? Not me!
I wrote my reply. Read it back to myself. It was short, direct, and it covered all bases.
It felt good to set this idiot straight.
The thing is, I never sent the email.
Left it in my Drafts folder.
Forgot about it and addressed the rest of my inbox.
Once my mind was off it, I went back to the drafts.
Deleted my reply.
It was over.


The temporary satisfaction that we get from verbally clowning / exposing / destroying some fool isn’t worth the long-term negative energy you’ve created between you and that person (unless, of course, they’re REALLY asked for it — and that does happen sometimes).
It may start a fruitless back-and-forth.
If you’re really good with your words, the recipient may come to hate you.
You stop whatever positive momentum you had going for you before you were detoured into the nonsense.
And in the end, what did you win?
I wrote Ask Yourself A Better Question to help you better your internal dialogue in times of calm, so you’ll do so automatically under pressure — which means better decision-making.
Order it as part of the Clarity Bundle here:

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