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How The Best Salespeople Handle The Inconvenience Of Customer Service Issues...

I ordered some compression shirts from Amazon last week. 

I got it. I didn’t like them; they didn’t fit properly. 

Went to the Amazon app to set up a return of the gear. The return was set with two taps on the screen. The return is free — take the item to a UPS Store, get the QR code scanned, and you’re done. 

I don’t even have to pay for the packaging the stuff gets shipped back in. 

And, as soon as Amazon got word from UPS that the return had been processed, they refunded my money. 

Making it so easy to do a return, I bought something else on Amazon that day. 


If you’ve ever returned an item to a retail store, you know how the employees (sometimes) get. 

It seems as if it's an inconvenience for them, even though it appears to take the same energy to process a return as it takes to process a sale. The person at the register gets paid the same amount per-hour no matter what. 

Sometimes I feel like their energy is trying to discourage me from ever returning anything. 

Amazon, is doing more in sales than anybody. And they have the easiest return process — where they’re giving money back — out there. 

These two truths are not mutually exclusive. 

In business, they say that every customer service situation — refund, complaint, or other need — is your best opportunity to create deeper connections with your customers and clients. 

As consumers, we reasonably expect a good experience when buying. But any type of “issue” situation, we either approach with anxiety or even avoid completely to stay away from the possible negative energy. 

But, look at how the most successful business in the world handles their issues. They make it so easy and seamless, that it only makes sense to buy again. 

Why not, when we know that the whole process, no matter how it goes, is so easy? 

We shop for good prices, sure. But we also value convenience, ease and quick, frictionless  interactions. Amazon knows this, and they’ve mastered it. 

Make things easy for others, and your value goes up. 

Where has someone (or something) made things easy for you, thus making it more valuable to you? Where can you make things easier for others and increase your own value? Reply and let me know — I read all responses. 

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