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How Much Are You Willing To Take On? [Daily Game]

I know a lot of talented people. People who have l healthy amounts of game — but who can’t get all their value into the marketplace, and thus cannot position themselves even for the possibility of getting some of that value back in return.

One reason this happens is people’s lack of knowledge of what’s going on in their industries and/or how they can take advantage of it.

There are freelancers with lots of knowledge, who can’t make money because they don’t know how to build an audience, can’t create products, and wouldn’t know how to sell those products if they did make them.

There are athletes with great playing abilities, who don’t know how to market and sell themselves or build relationships — so they don’t have anywhere to play.

Business professionals who are competent at their jobs — but don’t know anything else outside of that job — thus, they have no value above or beyond where they are, and will remain stagnant forever.

What’s the answer to all this? New knowledge. New skills. Both of which stem from new experiences.

Being new to an experience means not knowing much, stumbling along the way, and being tempted to go back to where it’s familiar, easy and safe. Resist this temptation. It is only through these new first-hand experiences — not merely reading and watching — that you gather new knowledge and expand your options.

The more you know, the more you can do, which means the more you can be responsible for and in control of, which equals more power. And power makes things happen.

Many people don’t get into power in life because they limit what they know by limiting their experiences, because they limit how much discomfort they’re willing to step into. Discomfort doesn’t have to be some big, life-or-death thing. Discomfort can be learning to create a website, self-publishing your first book or doing a weekly live stream. The more stuff you know about and can do, the more choices and options you have to get what you want.

For Your Game
You cannot become powerful by doing only one thing forever, no matter how great you are at it. Look at the most successful people you know: they expand from their core abilities to learn and do more and more, accumulating power along the way.
The more you know about and can do, the less you need to rely on others to get things done for you — which will often cost you some of your power.
Commit yourself to continually learning new skills. As soon as you stop learning, you stop growing. If you’ve ever had a common houseplant, you know: what isn’t growing, is dying. Make it life plan with The Mental Workbook.

How much new experience are you willing to take on? And what will it do for you? Reply and let me know.


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