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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/How Long Can You Work Without Recognition?
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How Long Can You Work Without Recognition?

People will work for money, and they will die for recognition. - Attributed to many
I started playing ball around 1995-96. Every day, on an outdoor court, even in the winter (or not play at all). No one thought I'd be good. No one offered to help. If anyone offer anything, it was to STOP since I wasn't getting anywhere or going anywhere.
The first time someone asked me to join their team was in 2001. They that same person benched me for most of the season. Then his replacement kicked me out of the program completely in 2003. Then no one thought anything of me.
Then I become a professional basketball player in 2005.
From 1995 to now, I've spent much more time working on things that were and will never be recognized. And this is without knowing if this work would ever come to light. In real estate, people can buy houses on spec: You buy it before it's even built and hope it turns out nice/worth the investment so you can turn around and sell it.
I've spent the better part of 20 years working on spec. Too many people don't want to do this.
I need to know this will work out. 
What's the success rate of the average person?
I published 5 videos to YouTube but no one was watching, So I stopped. 
People want the attention. People want to be recognized. They want a return on their investment guaranteed before they even make it. Moreover, people are so afraid of rejection -- in the form of no one watching, someone recognizing their lack of recognition (figure that one out), the idea that they're being rejected when in actuality no one really cares -- they stop before starting. Like getting in your car, putting the key in the ignition and changing your mind and going back in the house.
When a high rise building is constructed, the foundation is the most important thing. You never see the foundation. It's all underground, deeper down than the highest floor is high. The shine of the high floors doesn't happen without the foundation. Building with weak foundations topple over easily. Actually, they never even get built. The foundation keeps the 54th floor steady when the high winds blow. The work I did on spec is the foundation for everything happening now and the future.
Not getting recognition is your spec work. If you want a 100-story tower, build and 200-deep foundation.

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