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Here's Why You Would Be A Fool To Listen To Everyone...

I was looking at a guy’s website today after hearing him on a podcast. He advocated a high-ticket strategy for selling goods, and had a long list of testimonials and proof of his success.
A few minutes later, I logged into Instagram and was immediately met with a promoted post: a woman who had just as much proof of her success — all from using the exact opposite strategy of the guy who’s site I had just been on: lower-priced products and aiming for a volume of sales.
Who’s right and who’s wrong?
Who’s telling the truth and who’s lying?
Which one actually works?
I have solid reasons to believe that they were both right, and both truthful: you could become successful using either method, despite the stark difference in their approaches. Many digital marketers utilize a hybrid of both.
This article isn’t about what to sell for what price, though. I used that as an example of how different people — proven, successful experts — can have completely different ideas on how to get to the same outcome.
In this case, it was making money. I’ve seen similar conflicts-of-information in sports, fitness / exercise, communication, nutrition, and a bunch of other stuff that I’m not thinking of right now. What makes it even more damning is when the practitioners debate with and attack each other’s ideas as if only one way can be right.
Which leaves you, the chooser, confused at best and immobilized by indecision at worst.
Here’s where you’re expecting me to tell you what to do to resolve this challenge, right?
Good, because that’s what I’m gonna do.

Here: You have to make a decision.
Sometimes a decision is easy: a bad idea versus a good one. It’s clear that one choice is much better for you than the other, and you don’t need to think hard about it.
Other times the decision is murkier: two (or more) seemingly good choices.
You can make money either way, but not both at the same time.
Two girls/guys who want to hang out Saturday night, and they probably should not meet each other.
Now you have to trust yourself, value your one judgement and whatever input you’ve sourced from others, and make the leap.
Whichever option you choose is the right option: if the other one was the better choice, you would have chosen it.
Look back, and you turn to salt.
Your life is and will be the sum of all decisions you’ve made (or not made).

No decisions, no life.

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