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Help Them, Help Yourself

On a  recent day, I was feeling less than my best. My energy just wasn’t right. The day was coming to an end, and I found myself idling on my smartphone, looking for something to do on it (a separate issue I later realized I needed to address).

So I opened Quora.

Quora is a platform where people crowdsource answers. Anyone can post a question about anything, then wait for anyone who chooses to, to provide answers. It’s a good place for someone to establish themselves as a thought leader on any subject which they know well enough to address all kinds of questions. I’ve spent time on Quora’s Top 10 list for Basketball; basketball questions are easier to answer quickly than, say, discipline and confidence questions.

I answered a few questions in Quora this day; I used the app for about 20 minutes total in doing so. As soon as I was done, I immediately felt much better.

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