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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Go First: Leaders Step To The Front Of The Line
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Go First: Leaders Step To The Front Of The Line

If you want to be a leader, you don't need a title. Nor do you need to know anyone or have any material goods or have anyone know you.

To be a leader you need to go first. Get at the front of the line and be the first to step into the fire. (Possibly) Sacrifice yourself for the benefit of the group.

A leader is not necessarily the best available individual (you see this in sports all the time, when a "role player" is the one who runs the show). A leader is the person who sets the tone on a daily basis for everyone else, the one who can communicate with everyone else on a level each person -- individually -- can relate to.

The leader doesn't always know what's coming next, which is why many people don't want the leader role. Many want to know what to expect and want to have advice and tips and suggestions as to what to do. The leader has no such luxuries.

So when you're ready to lead, step up.

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