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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Getting Dressed: Not Just Your Clothes
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Getting Dressed: Not Just Your Clothes

Every morning we get physically dressed: put clothes on and head out into the world. Starting today, make sure you're getting dressed in 3 other ways too.

Mentally: Think about your top 5 lifetime goals -- which you have already written down and will every day. These will change as time moves on. And you'll be looking at them every morning (and every night before bed). State your positive affirmations in the present-day as the person you wish to become (what do you aim to be, do and have? Write it out).
Emotionally: Think of 100 things you're thankful for. These can be events, people, lucky breaks, anything. Nothing is too big or too small. Look through this list daily and notice a few and feel thankful for them. This takes less than one minute.
Spiritually: Send a nice, unexpected message to one person you know. BF, GF, mom, co-worker, person you saw yesterday, whoever. Send out positivity and you'll get it back.

Done daily, this practice will gradually change the way you think. Consciously at first, meaning you have to remember to remember. Then it will be unconscious; you'll think this way habitually. You'll feel off the you don't think this way. Thoughts become words --> actions --> habits --> character --> destiny.

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