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Work On Your Game Content/mental toughness/Get Rich Or Die Tryin': Why 50's Still My Favorite
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Get Rich Or Die Tryin': Why 50's Still My Favorite

50 Cent is my favorite rapper.
Yes - even to this day when he's not as active in music.
Yes - even though he's not nearly as popular, music-wise, as he used to be.

I like his music, of course. I still listen to 50’s stuff from 15 years ago. But I like a lot of music and many artists. What makes 50 stand out?
Well, you know 50’s story - if you don't, here it is in a nutshell:


Kid from the hood goes into drug dealing at age 13. Kid realizes he can't deal drugs forever and survive to tell about it; schemes to get into music instead. The now-young man makes a few inroads in music; his first album is about to be released.
This kid - 50 Cent - gets shot 9 times at close range shortly before said album is released. 50 nearly dies, but survives the attack.
In the aftermath of the shooting, 50’s record label drops him, fearing the violence surrounding 50. Many “friends” begin avoiding 50, anticipating someone coming to finish the job of killing 50. Isolated and alone, 50 is at rock bottom
50 begins assessing his entire life from the basis of, what decisions have I made that led to this current circumstance? (A GREAT question, by the way). His answers lead to many changes.
From his hospital bed, 50 begins visualizing his future success. He zeroes in on his purpose in life and gets super-clear on what he needs to do now.
50 forms a team, names it "G-Unit." A fervent mixtape campaign nets 50 a million-dollar record deal with Eminem and Dr. Dre. 50’s debut album sells 10 million copies.


The Ambition. The Sense of Urgency. The Purpose he found for his life.
In the 50th Law, Robert Greene explains how these traits were forced on 50: when you come that close to death, you'll value every second of life a lot more. Us lucky ones who haven't been shot, must choose this sense of urgency.
I heard 50 explain his mindset in an interview once.
When you get shot like I did, you either become consumed by the fear of it happening again, or you become completely fearless of anything.
I heard tony Robbins’ son - who's a coach himself - explain his approach to working with business owners.
If I put a gun to your head and said, you need to double your revenue from last year in the next 12 months, what would we be doing? That answer, is what we do.
Here are some ways you can start developing this urgency.

Imagine you almost lost your life. What would do differently? What would you regret not doing? What would you eliminate from your life? 
Ask yourself the double-your-success question. If you had to double your anything - revenue, happiness, productivity - how would you do it? Then do it!! [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]If you had to double your anything - revenue, happiness, productivity - how would you do it? Then do it!![/shareable] 
Think and act as if you're on the clock. Because you are. I'm writing this as I sit on the edge of a jacuzzi in sunny Miami in mid-November. It can be hard, from this perspective, to imagine hardship. That's why you must choose this mindset, regardless of circumstance. 
You will die one day. Do you know which day? I didn't think so. Then, why are you living as if you have time? [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]You will die one day. Do you know which day?[/shareable]

Urgency: importance requiring swift action.

Requiring is the operative word here. Can you force a requirement on yourself? We call that discipline.

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