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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Get Fat, Free: NEVER Complain About My Stuff Costing Money
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Get Fat, Free: NEVER Complain About My Stuff Costing Money

I was on Periscope last week and someone asked me a question about discipline. I referred the commentator to my book The Mirror Of Motivation. The subtitle is, The Self-Guide To Self-Motivation.

Someone else commented, "Yeah - the answer is in his paid book." 

While this person very well may have been a "troll" - a clown looking for attention online - the statement is useful. Many people who are not trolling, still complain about my products costing money. I want to cure as many people as possible of this terminal, success-threatening disease.

I grew up in an environment of people who never talked abut investing in themselves. Investing in myself was never taught to me as a youth, and is the #1 thing I tell youth today. Self-Development wasn't on my radar until after my college years.  Things like buying books, attending seminars, taking online courses, having mastermind partnerships, coaches, or mentors were new to me.

This post is not about the overall act of you investing in yourself; I've covered that in this podcast episode. This is specifically for those who complain about Dre Baldwin selling stuff. Here are the reasons you have nothing to complain about.

I've shared more free, high-value content than anyone alive. Period. So if free stuff is what makes you happy, stay here and get fat on it.Just remember what happens when you never want to spend on yourself: People treat you the same way you treat you. You don't see enough value in yourself to invest in you? Then why the hell should the next person see it? [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]If you don't see value in you, no one else will. [/shareable]
Value is exchanged for value.
Did you sleep in a bed last night? Was the bed free?
You turn on the lights when it gets dark. Is electricity free?
Your last meal: Free or no?Life is a business, people. It costs money to be born. School isn't free. Get sick tomorrow, and see what you get for free from your doctor. Even death is expensive. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]Life is a business. It costs money to be born, to be sick and it costs to die. [/shareable]
Anyone who complains about spending money to make themselves better will always have the same problems. No money, and no self-improvement - thus, no money.This is also known as a treadmill, and here's how it works.

You don't want to invest in yourself because it costs money. So you don't do it.

Because you haven't made yourself more valuable, your value in the marketplace remains flat - no raises, no new streams of income. The cost of living goes up continuously, however. By remaining stagnant, you become progressively poorer over time: life costs more, but you still make the same amount.

You pass this mindset on to your children, who think the same way, and also live their likes broke, on a slightly higher level than their parents did. Just running faster on shinier, updated treadmill.

And it goes on. This is how generations of people never live much better than whomever came before them. The tight you hold on to something you shoudln't value so highly, the less of it you actually have.

Keep living, and see if I'm right.

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