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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Fuck-Ups In Your Circle? It's Your Fault
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Fuck-Ups In Your Circle? It's Your Fault

I was doing some business with a person whom I know and like recently. This person, like all of us, has their faults, and I knew exactly what they were/are. I, stupidly, placed this person in a position where those very weaknesses had a clear 50/50 chance of rearing their heads. Whaddyaknow, that's exactly what happened. I was annoyed at first, then pissed off second. Both feelings were directed at my friend.

Once I got a chance to think about it though, I realized that responsibility was 100% mine. I knew what this person could and could not do and should've seen the bullshit coming. But I ignored it and paid the price.

This is the responsibility of a leader when putting together a team -- placing each element in a space conducive to their skills and far, far way from their deficiencies. You don't screw screws in with a hammer and you can't clean glass with a blowtorch. If you try and fail, don't blame to tools, just read the manuals and learn to better use things in the way they're meant to be used.

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