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Freedom Is Not Free

Freedom is not something that is given. It must be taken, by force. - Malcolm X 
I saw my aunt on Facebook a couple of years ago. I hadn't spoken to her in year before that, so I scrolled down her timeline to see what she'd been up to. A recent post announced that she was having a housewarming "to celebrate [her] FREEDOM!!!"
So her and Uncle had broken up, I guessed.
I knew she had paid a lot for that freedom. The cost of moving to a new apartment. Whatever she didn't keep from the old place. Any divorce proceedings. But those are just physical costs. There are emotional costs to her, and the children (my cousins). Possible lost connections with some members of the family. Maybe a loss of social esteem as a veteran of a failed marriage.
Freedom ain't free. Money is usually the smallest cost. [though not in the case of one of my pro teammates who once got caught buying marijuana in Mexico: the notoriously corrupt Mexican police took him and his friend out to some middle-of-nowhere woods and demanded money for their release. They paid 11,000 pesos, and lived to tell about it.]
Martin Luther King gave his life for others to gain freedom. So did Malcolm X. Nelson Mandela traded years in prison - 27 to be exact. Some of you haven't even lived that long yet. Can you imagine?
You may be stuck somewhere right now. Feeing trapped or boxed-in. And you want out, obviously, if you're thinking of the situation in this way.
It won't be free to get out. It will cost you something. Maybe money. Maybe time. Maybe some relationships. Maybe status. Those are real costs that can't be mitigated but for one way. One mindset.
What is your freedom worth?

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