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Former Glory

I found out that, in my hometown of Philadelphia, there’s an Alumni Basketball League. Anyone can join, but player can play only on the team of the high school he graduated from.

I have a friend whom I’m connected to online who plays in the league; I saw a photo he posted from one of his games. Another buddy I spoke to the other day mentioned the league when I asked him if he’s been playing any ball. I went to the league’s website and saw name after name after name of people I either know or know of, people I’ve played against and players from whom I’d get great satisfaction from kicking their asses on the court, even twenty years after they were somebody as a basketball player.

My high school doesn’t even have a team in the league, but if I were in town and really wanted to play, it wouldn’t be hard to find 5-10 guys from my school who were willing to capture some former glory. They’d emerge from the woodwork like termites, I’m sure of it.

But I’m glad I don’t live in Philly. Because I might be tempted to play. Probably wouldn’t do it, but the availability would make me think about it.

An Alumni League is a great idea. Every city should do this.

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