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Finding YOU

I travelled this week to speak at a conference in St. Louis (I didn't realize how close it is to Chicago until I looked at myself on Google Maps). It was my first time there and I found the Lou to be very… quiet. Walking through the downtown area at night and seeing no form of human life outside. Seeing the Arch and other sights in the daytime and not believing how slow the pace was.

Is it really like that in the non-coastal cities? I always thought of St. Louis as a “big” place.

Anywho, I was away from home for most of three days. I didn't get to work out how I normally do. There wasn't a Whole Foods close by and I didn't eat spinach for two days. I also missed my daily fruit plates and protein shakes.

I'm jaded, I know. But that's not the point.

I came home and immediately got the produce I craved. I got back to work - finishing the newest version of the site you're reading was a major objective - but I didn't quite feel like “Me” yet.

I'm writing this after finishing a morning run in South Beach. I'm back to myself.

Not more than 5 minutes after I'd finished running, 7 ideas for my businesses came to me (of course I wrote them down). And they're damn great ideas which you will see in action soon.

My regular “life energy,” for lack of better term (actually that may be the BEST term), came rushing back to me as I walked away from the beach shore. Some of the thoughts I suppress out of duty to do the “right” things started tapping me - very aggressively - on the shoulder. Tim Grover wrote very eloquently about this feeling.

That physical movement gets me into a zone that I cannot otherwise create. And I'm an athlete - I don't want to create it any other way.

Before I started writing this, I altered my workout schedule to have more running in it. I literally need it: not for my body, but for my mind. I know what works for me.

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You know that feeling.

The feeling when, if only for a moment, you lose your conscious inhibitions and feel that flow of living fully. 

You may not do anything provocative in that moment, but you don't need to: the feelings and thoughts of what you really want to have, do and be start lighting up your mind. It's like seeing a stream of green lights ahead of you on the road while you drive.

What does this feeling do for you?

Knowing this, are the activities/environments/thoughts/people who help create this feeling clearly prioritized in your life?

I know you're busy; me too. Busyness is really bad reason not to have time. Not time for you, but time for YOU.

[bctt tweet="Do you create time for the things that turn you on mentally?" username="DreAllDay"]

Because you, like me, know you need it. If you're not getting it, that's a great starting point in decoding why you're not feeling or doing your best right now.

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