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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Fear: Your Comfort Zone Alarm System
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Fear: Your Comfort Zone Alarm System

Fear is your mind's way of telling you you're headed into uncharted waters: doing something you're not used to doing, in a way you're not used to doing it.
It's usually exactly what you need to do -- that is, IF improvement is your aim.
We all know that fear is something we create in our minds. SO, if you're afraid, your mind is telling you that something new is confronting it and its making your mind uncomfortable. And since we know all about the Comfort Zone and how achievement happens just outside of it, an uncomfortable situation is where the achievement lies!
So that alarm system going off in your mind is the intruder of discomfort that will make you grow. You have two choices:
Call the police and remove the intruder
Disable the alarm and give the intruder the code to the keypad.

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