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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Fat Turkeys Get Carved Up
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Fat Turkeys Get Carved Up

James Altucher made this brilliant analogy.
Turkeys on a farm get fed every day. They come to expect the food to come to them. The turkeys get plump and happy on the farm, until one day in late November when they become Thanksgiving dinner.
Some people become turkeys. A lot of success comes your way for a period of time. Maybe you had nothing to do with it, maybe you were 100% responsible. Then you get fat. Start thinking you're untouchable, the most brilliant _____ (your line of business) there ever was. You start forgetting the hard work and discipline that got you there.
Then Thanksgiving Day happens and you're part of the feast.
Thin, underfed turkeys get spared: they need to gain a little weight first. The fattest most tender turkeys, who are the most taken-care of and comfortable, are the ones that get eaten the fastest.
Stay skinny.

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