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Faking Is For Kids...

Pretend anything for long enough, and you’ll eventually become it. 

That’s the premise of the old adage, “fake it ‘til you make it.” 

Convince yourself of the person you want to become. Act like that person. Do this until people start believing you. 

Their belief will convince you of your own acting, and soon you’re there! 


Well… if it’s that simple, why doesn’t everyone do it? Why isn’t everyone faking it ‘til they make it? 

Because we’re all too smart for that bullshit. 

It is true that the human brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality. But, “faking it” is not reality — or, better stated, if you consider yourself to be faking, you KNOW that it’s not reality.

And that’s exactly the problem. You know it’s not who you really are. Which is why faking it rarely works in the long run. 

Here’s a better idea: stop faking it. 

Don’t just stay as who and where you are, either, unless that’s working perfectly for you. 

The correct formula: 

1) Decide who, what and where you aim to be

2) Become it. Now. 

“Faking it” is make-believe, kid stuff. It’s cute when kids dream about their futures and play pretend games. 

You’re not a kid anymore. 

Keep your imagination, and absolutely maintain the flame that ignited your vision of your future desires. 

Also remember: the “grown-up” that kids talk about one day becoming? You’re already there. 

Don’t fake it. 

Be it. 

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